Thursday, August 1, 2013

Something About the Water.

Today at 4:26pm, Matt texted me this:
Matt: Monkey Rock?
So, in my head, I was thinking, "What? Is that supposed to be some kind of funny catch phrase?" It took me a couple of minutes to realize that he meant Monkey Rock, as in the waterfall! We talked about going last night but it started raining (see yesterday's blog). I've never been to Monkey Rock and Matt and his brother both looked at me like there was an alien behind me when I told them that little fun fact.
I quickly replied.
Me: ALWAYS! When
Matt: brother can come pick you up. I'm with my coworkers
Me: Okay!
Matt: Sorry about the late notice!
Me: Oh, no worries. I mean I was only saving the world, but I can put a hold on that...
A joke, of course. David, Matt's brother picked me up a few minutes later as I was running around my apartment looking for everything I might need. I swear, if my head wasn't securely attached, I'd lose it.
So, we went to Monkey Rock! ON A MOTORCYCLE! I was a little bit excited about that. I had never been  on a motorcycle until today and it was awesome! I've been converted.
Monkey Rock is BEAUTIFUL! Matt and David wanted to touch the rock behind the waterfall, and so touch the rock we did. It was a bit difficult to go against the current, but we finally found a spot that we could easily get behind the fall. It was really cool to be behind the fall, a little bit difficult to see because of the water running down the rock into your face, but other than that, it was fascinating.
*That's Matt up can't really see him, but that's him unknowingly photo bombing my picture.*
Matt taught me how to skip rocks, because, again, he looked at me like there was a alien invasion happening behind me when he found out that I could not nor have I ever skipped rocks before. I know, I know: WHAT?! I just never learned. It was pretty embarrassing at first, but Matt and David kept coaching me, and I wouldn't say I'm a pro BUUUUT...I finally got the hang of it.
We went to Kiwi Loco after and then we decided that we were all pretty hungry, so Matt and David went home, changed, went to the store, came back to my apartment (after I had changed and tidied up a bit) and Matt made us biscuits and gravy! We then watched Top Gun, because I had never seen it...I know! So many "firsts" for me today. It was good! Kind of sad, but good! I enjoyed it!
It was a pretty awesome day.
I would have put a picture of David's awesome bike, but I forgot to take one while I had the chance...darn.

ANYWHO, that was my fantastic day! I hope yours was just as splendid!

Enjoy my song of the day!
It's country! (RIGHT?!)

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