Saturday, August 31, 2013

Milkshake Friday 2.0!

It's Friday! That can only mean ONE THING! You guessed it:
BUT before I get to that part of my day, I have to go in order of events that occurred today!

I woke up at 8:45 on the dot ( don't ask me how I remember that)! Between 8:45 and 9:15ish is all a blur, but around 9:15 I did some laundry, and headed up to the gym! It's been a while since I've been in the gym because I'm not *supposed* to participate in "strenuous activity" but I do anyway. 

I got up to the gym on the third floor of The Willows and I found that I had it all to myself! This was great because when I work out around other people, they become too concerned too quickly: my face gets tomato red after a short amount of exertion so people think I'm about to die or something...Nope, guys, I just have blood cells that are very near the surface of my skin. It's nice that people care, but it gets annoying after the first
"Oh my goodness, are you okay? Do you need some water? Are you going to pass out? Do you need to sit down for a while?"
I promise, if my answers are ever "No. Yes. Yes. Yes," (respectively), I'll take care of it. 

Yes, yes that is an episode of Full House up there on that TV screen. I enjoyed some Gilmore Girls, as well, as I used the elliptical. It was great entertainment and motivation to stay on the machine longer.

 After my wonderful workout I did some more laundry (boring stuff, I know) and got a head start on cleaning for Move-In day in two weeks. JUST TWO WEEKS! It feels like this 7 week break just began. It's bittersweet to see the end of it because I'm excited to see my roommates, my sister, my dad and friends from back home, but I'm terribly sad to say goodbye to some great people.

I spent about two hours at the Help Desk on campus because my computer was being dumb. Vaughn, the smarty pants who fixed my computer, was super funny and very helpful! He didn't really figure out the problem, but he gave me a new Anti-Virus and AdwCleanse to scan and clean out my computer. IT WORKED! Those guys in the Help Desk are such swell guys!

When all of my laundry was done, I decided to tackle the beast I call "my closet". Our closets are a bit...odd. There are two 'levels' and neither are tall enough to fit dresses or skirts, so I figured out how to fit mine so that I could navigate in my closet more easily. I folded up dresses and hung them like you would hang pants.

I also took out all my socks and tights and nylons, rolled them up,put a rubber band around them (to keep them organized) and fit them all in this perfect sized box that my mom sent to me full of shoes! I hadn't checked to see if the box would fit at the bottom of my closet but, alas, it did! It fits PERFECTLY! 

 I also, took the box that USED to house my socks, rolled up my t-shirts, tied them with a rubber band and put them in their new home. So tidy!

And of course, my shoes. They used to all be on a pile on the floor of my closet, but when you have a small closet, you realize how many shoes you actually have. Some of these babies may have to be donated or sold because 1) I don't wear some of them and 2) I don't really have the room.
Flats have their own shelf (which used to have other under clothing on it).

My heels, also, have their own shelf. Sorry for the poor quality picture. 

 And of course, my boots! Those are too tall to be on a shelf, and I ran out of shelf space, so they live on the floor.

I'm pretty happy with the re-organizing f my closet. I know that was long and boring, but it was supposed to give you college girls some ideas and tips of how to make the best of such a small space.

Onto greater things!
After I finished my closet, I headed on over to Cottonwood (the apartment complex in which the men in my ward live)! It's basically my second home. I have great friends that live in those apartments. Right as I was walking to Matt's apartment, he pulled into the parking lot, coming home from work. Sometimes I have great timing. Unfortunately, like last night, his roommates weren't there so we spent some time outside talking. We decided to use SuperCook to figure out we could make for dinner. We found A LOT of macaroni and cheese recipes, along with something called Fleischkuechle and Doggie Broth (which we found out, is actually dog food)...appetizing, huh? We didn't find much that we were interested in so Matt came up with something else. He has these ideas pop up in his head and doesn't tell me what they are until AFTER he makes them happen, and THAT is how we eventually ended up in Broulims. On our way through the Cottonwood courtyard, I just happened to glance in one of the open windows and guess who I saw?! VAUGHN! The Help Desk smarty pants! What a funny coincidence. After I did some introductions and chatted for a little while, Matt and I were on our way. 

We navigated through the store and wound up in the ice cream section. We do love some good ice cream. We picked up some French Silk ice cream and headed back to his apartment.
Of course. Duh. What did I expect on Milkshake Friday?!
In the process of making said milkshakes...I broke his blender. Dang it. I knew technology hated me.
He assured me that it was okay, but I still feel bad about it. I mean, the man bought us ice cream and what do I do? I break his blender...
We also enjoyed more Doctor Who. Matt is addicted now, no big deal.

Well, that was MY Friday. I hope yours was just as fabulous! Tomorrow (or today for those of you in different time zones) is Saturday, and we all know Saturday is a special day, so make it EXTRAORDINARILY special. Go out and do a good deed for a stranger, or help your mom without being asked. No matter what you do, decide to forget yourself and make it a day about others! I promise it'll be a great day if you do that.
I'm off to bed!

Enjoy my song of the day while you're here.
This one is an old favorite from my childhood. I know my sister will be happy to see it on my blog, so this one is for you, Pink!
"This is My Idea" from the movie Swan Princess
"I see him smiling and my knees start buckling. I see inside him and my doubts are gone."
"Til now, I never knew, it was you I've been dreaming of."
 So romantic! Oh la la!

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