Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honor Code

Today, Thursday, consisted of...a lot of craft time, and reading. I basically became a self induced shut-in. I decided to take the day and get crafty. Okay, so I actually had this craft idea in my head for a few days now, started it yesterday, but improved and finished it today.
I basically put together a little "Fake Book but Real Inspiration" book is what I'm calling it. I'm so original, I know. I pulled together some of my favorite scriptures and quotes and made it one of those Pinterest inspired "Read this when you're feeling (happy, sad, joyful, stressed, etc)..." booklets for someone who means a lot to me.
After that, I spent some more time reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, a book I am borrowing from a friend. A non-fiction biographical story of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who loves the world and the people in it enough to set out to do all he can to cure it of disease. I'm only about half way done with it, but I've fallen in love with Dr. Farmer's ambition, determination, love, selflessness, and charity. I highly recommend you guys check it out.

Tonight, I went over to Matthew's apartment, and of course, knowing our luck, his roommates were nowhere to be found. So, Matt popped out the screen in the living room window, and slid the TV through to me, hooked it up to his laptop, pushed the love-seat outside and enjoyed the cool night air. (See, BYU-I kids, there IS a way to hang out without breaking Honor Code...It just involves moving the contents of the living room outside!)
The ghost-looking blur in the window is, indeed, Matt.

 We talked, and watched some Doctor Who. I haven't watched much Doctor Who in a while because I used to watch it with my Dad and sister and then we kind of stopped watching it together. They continued watching separately, and I never found the time to catch up. Matt and I are both kind of the type to critique (I guess) TV shows and movies. Honestly, if we weren't us, I wouldn't ever want to watch a movie with us. Wow, that got confusing. Bottom line, we talk and laugh a lot. Last night, we finished watching The Host (after probably 3 weeks of having started it, mind you) and we were laughing and critiquing it the whole time.

After we watched two episodes of Doctor Who, he showed me something...something interesting, something hilarious, something weird, something written during the Writers Guild of America Strike of 2007-2008. The strike sought increased monetary compensation for the writers in comparison to the profits of the larger studios. 12000 film, television, and radio writers joined the strike, so clearly, the idea for this was the only one out there at the time. We watched about 15 minutes of it (if that) and I had no idea what I had just witnessed. It was funny, yes, but so weird. It falls into the category of "Train Wreck-Esque." You just couldn't look away. Here's a little snippet of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."

In case you were wondering, YES, that IS Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day (Eureka). Nathan Fillon (Castle) also stars in this movie. I'd tell you what it's about, but...I'm not really sure.

I'll probably have weird, weird dreams tonight that include a mix of Doctor Who and Dr. Horrible. 

Well, this was kind of an awkward blog post, but after the last one, I needed a light post. Overall, my day was pretty good and I hope yours was great! Sleep tight to all you night owls that haven't yet gone to bed, and good morning to those of you just waking up! Have a fantastic day!

Enjoy my song of the day while you're here! It's a popular one right now, but I love it! Thank you, Katy Perry, for this song!

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