Friday, August 2, 2013

Milkshake Friday!

Today is Friday, people. FRIDAY. I, however, thought it was Wednesday...I guess I just have a really bad case of Summer Brain.
Any who, I woke up today feeling kind of gross. Allergies have never bothered me until the last couple months or so. I woke up feeling like I didn't want to do much, but I got a text message from my sweet, sweet Baby Spice (LOWIN!) saying that one of our new roommates was in town and wanted to meet me! That got my sick self out of bed and dressed quickly! Coley, one of our new roommates came with her Dad and her sister to see the apartment, and wander around town. They offered to take me to lunch, so onto Pizza Pie Cafe we went.They are a super sweet bunch and I think Coley will LOVE our apartment. I felt like I was cheating on Lauren, Haley and Nahiomi because the four of us go there ALL of the time together. It was weird to be there without them, but good nonetheless. I miss those girls so incredibly much!
So I did a bunch of boring and stressful "grown-up" stuff today, and I was still feeling kind of sick, so I took a nap and woke up craving a milkshake. I drank some almond milk, because that's the closest I had to a milkshake. Yeah, that was a joke. I thought about all the places around here that have really good milkshakes, but all I was coming up with was McDonald's, and if you know me at all, you know I don't eat McDonald's, so other than that, my Summer Brain was drawing a blank. I texted Matt around 9:30pm and asked him if he knew of any good milkshake places.
Me: Know of any places around here that have really good milkshakes?
Matt: Sammy's and Shake Out, but I dunno any now... :) Um...can I ask why?
Me: Didn't even think of those! I just had a craving but I didn't realize how late it is.
Matt: Bums, we can make 'em if you want!
Of course, He would think of that! We went to Broulims, bought three different kinds of ice cream (Vanilla Bean, Beaver Tracks, and Strawberry), went back to his apartment and started experimenting.

 Being the nerds we are, we had to analyze each different  milkshake by taste, texture, and consistency. We also made a mess, in the process.

Realizing, we forgot to buy chocolate ice cream, we made an experimental Beaver Tracks milkshake with added cocoa powder, sugar (because we added too much cocoa powder), caramel and chocolate sauces, and it turned out to be... "interesting" was the word we used.
He was gracious enough and willing to take some pictures for my blog, after I told him about my daily blog entry, so here we are in all our milkshake glory:

This picture just shows how awkward of a human being I am.
haha, Just kidding guys. Here is our best picture. I use the term "best" lightly, because my phone's camera is...less than satisfactory.

I think our photographer was getting a bit annoyed with my phone, hence the blurriness. My apologies.
And so was born, Milkshake Friday.
Enjoy my song of the day, while you're here! This is Ben Rector's song
 "Dance With Me, Baby." If you've never listened to Ben Rector, you should. And if you like HIS music, listen to Joshua Radin and Christ August. SOOO good!
Here ya go!
 Remember: Don't forget to Sm;)e
(See what I did there?)


Apparently, something was absolutely hilarious. Probably Matt pulling some sort of shenanigan.

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