Monday, July 8, 2013

One Amazing Weekend in Montana

There are only two weeks of school left! TWO! Which is good and bad. Good because I can finally get out of the classes I hate and take a little break. Bad because now I'm stressing out about everything that I have to do before the end of the semester.So. Much. To. Do.
Tuesday Night, I thought that I was absolutely *brilliant* for thinking of the idea to pull an all nighter so that I could finish all my homework for the week so I could go to Montana. Haley (H Spice) , Lauren (Baby Spice) and I went to Walmart to stock up on energy drinks (which I'm NOT supposed to have, fyi.) so that I could last the whole night.
That was possibly the worst idea I've ever had. I woke up Tuesday morning at 6am and didn't go to sleep until Thursday morning at 2am.
On a brighter note, I had the best weekend ever! My roommate's boyfriend invited us to go with him and his roommates and friends to join them in Montana to celebrate the 4th of July and to go boating. We left on Wednesday after our classes, and headed out on a 5 hour car trip to Missoula, Montana.

The ride up, I was in a truck with Richie, Scotty, Vince, Haley, and Lauren. We were definitely a little bit squished, but it was the best car ride ever. We had so much fun laughing and making fun of Vince and Haley, mostly. I was really kind of nervous that it was going to be really awkward, but the guys were so incredibly nice and easy to get along with that it wasn't weird at all. We got to Richie's house in Missoula at around 7ish that night. His parent's home is absolutely beautiful. 
 We got to ride one of his horses and that made me so happy since I haven't ridden a horse in about 5 years.
(Shout out to Baby Spice for this picture)
Richie made a campfire, we made s'mores, laid on the trampoline and watched the stars. There were so many shooting stars that night!
The next day, we woke up and Richie's mom had made us a huge breakfast. We met up with the people who had come up after us and stayed 5 minutes down the road in Frenchtown, at Kolby's hosue, at a river that we went floating down. There were 9 guys, and 5 girls:
(German pancakes!PS. They're not really from Germany!Shhh!)
It took us 3 hours to float the river, and I lost my sunglasses, but it was a lot of fun and definitely worth it. After we floated the river, we went to a BBQ at  Kolby's house and then went to a firework show at the mall. Just a side note: Very interesting people live in Missoula, Montana.
 We went to BDubs after that; it was my first time ever. So here is an obligatory, "food pic".
Friday was the day! We packed up the trucks and cars, drove an hour and a half to Lake Mary Ronan! This lake is absolutely GORGEOUS...and apparently the warmest lake you'll find in Montana. We went tubing, jet skiing, rope swinging, wake boarding and did a little bit of swimming. At one point, we had two tubes attached to the back of the boat, and some of the guys and I got really brave and decided to start switching from tube to tube. I got hit in the face with feet, knees, hands, and the other tube a couple times, but it was all just so fun.
Garrett helped teach me how to wake board, and even though I only stood up for .2 seconds, he still encouraged me to keep trying.
(Shout out, again, to Baby Spice for her amazing ability to edit pictures)
That night, we did some more star gazing, I gave about two hours worth of massages, and we slept...very horribly. Haley, Lauren and I slept in a tent and we had to sleep...very,very closely to keep warm. It only lasted about 20 minutes.
Saturday, we were getting packed to go, but then we decided to go back on the boats for a little while...which turned into two and a half hours. That's the good thing about being on vacation: You can do whatever you want.
When we got back, we got dressed, took a nap, went to dinner at a really weird looking "Mexican" restaurant. It was really good Mexican food, but you would have thought that it was a southern cooking type restaurant.
 For more pictures of the weekend, take a peak at Baby Spice's blog here:
So, something I learned this week, more than ever, love the life you live. Don't pass up on any opportunity to take a 'nothing weekend', or even a day. Life is short and can throw you for a...ride. I say this because as we were on our way back from the lake to Richie's house, we got into a little bit of a...hard situation.
We were going down the road, Richie's dad driving towing a boat behind the truck, all of us passengers dozing off, when I get the feeling to look up and I see a car stopped in the middle of the road. We only had two options: 1 Hit the car in front of us or 2. Go off the side of the road. Richie's dad took option number 2. We went down the ditch, up the other side. The whole time I was thinking that we were going to flip and right when I thought it was going to happen, a spot on the side of the road, what looked like a driveway with no house, came up in front of us. Richie's dad was able to pull us back onto the road, no harm or danger to the car, passengers or boat. We got lucky. God was definitely in that car. God was not done with us that day.
Appreciate your life.
(Pigs at Kolby's House! For you, Sir Padre!)

Here's my weekly little jam sesh song: (Still Into You by Paramore)


Julie said...

Those kind of weekends were the best thing about college!

...Elyse.Christine... said...

They really are! I had so much fun and made so many friends!

Kimberly said...

Well, I think college has a lot of good things, including the actual college part, ;) but I sure do wish I were back "in college" for these kinds of adventures!!! So fun!

...Elyse.Christine... said...

I do agree, Bird. I like college, but I like the adventures a lot, as well.