Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Me.

I've kind of been reinvented recently. September 24,2010 up until November 26,2010 marked a really important time in my life. It may sound cheesy and immature,but I met a pretty special guy. We're definitely super close and he's my best friend but that'small we At first I was kind of upset about the whole "Just friends" thing, but now I'm totally okay with it. He's still my best friend.
This isn't the topic of my post. The topic is about the "New Me".
Liek I said: I've kind of been reinvented,if you will. After I quickly got over the boy situation, I got my braces off, I finally figured out how to wave my hair and keep it wavy(although I'm sure it's only thanks to the dry winter air)and I've found some cute new clothes. It sounds pretty shallow I know, but I feel a lot beter about myself because I feel more comfortable and happy with the way I look. It's fun to kinda of have a self make-over once in a while,with the help of my Orthodontist, of course(Thanks Doctor Taylor!).Here is just a sneak peak of the "New Me."

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