Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something Funny.

We spend our whole lives passing and meeting people. We look at people,but how often do we actually SEE somoene?
I recently met someone that I really enjoy talking to. He's a great freind. I've seen him before but I never actually SAW him until recently. How often does that happen? How often do we see people but not actually know who they are? It's almost idfficult for me to write about this and make my meaning obvious because sometimes the translation from my head to my quickly typing fingers doesn't come clearly. I don't even know what type of situation to compare it to.
I'm seeing this new friend for the first time and getting to know him. Before I just assumed that he was this person that people told me he was. I knew facts about him, like who is friends were and how he was always at the center of our church youth activites. I was content with those facts because I didn't ever give him a second thought. He was just another someone. Just another aquaintence.

Getting to know someone for the second time is another form of this subject. Recently, I've become friends again with someone that used to be my best friend. After a few months of awkward left over fights and harsh words, we stopped talking and communicating all together. It was just about a month ago that this person, let's call him Joseph, and I started talking again. Taking baby steps out of the awkward "I'm not sure if this is uncomfortable and I'm not sure that you want to talk to me" phase. Joseph and I somehow got past everything that happened and caught up on each other's lives. The reunited friendship felt like it was never damaged. We essentially are getting to know each other again because people can change in a time span of seven months, and change we did.

You're probably wondering how these two different situations compare to each other, how they tie in? Well,honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you. All I can tell you is that they do. Somehow in this rattled,muddled brain of mine, it all makes sense and I wish that I was a better writer so that I could explain to you what I mean. I just keep thinking that along with "stopping to smell the roses", stop and SEE the people around you, because how often do we overlook someone that might make an impact in our life some day?

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