Thursday, November 25, 2010

Design Therapy

So recently I've been pretty stressed about school I tried to find a way to relieve that stress, and of course music helped but I needed something to do with my hands, so I pulled out my pencils and paper, and just started to draw. Design actually. I haven't done it for a while, since I was thirteen actually.
So I started designing dresses and when my friends saw them, they all started asking for me to design their "Wedding Dresses". It's really fun and surprisingly calming.

This is my first dress:

This is my friend, Cammie's dress:

This is Maddie's First dress

Maddie's Second dress:

This is my "Red Carpet" Dress:

There's also my prom dress,that will actually be my Junior Prom dress, and an "Easter" dres,but I'll have to upload those later.

So there you are:)

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