Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prayer of a Walking Child..My Real Trek Experience

Sorry that this has taken so long to get up.

A Few Months ago,maybe 4, the youth of LaGrange found out that for Youth Conference this year,we would be going on a trek. Sarah (my Best friend and I) were super excited. We decided that we would be in each other's group so that we actually knew someone. I was a little hesitant because of my ability to hurt myself so easily,not purposely of course. But I knew I would end up having fun with my best friend. Then about two weeks before the trek her family had to move,because her dad had been laid off. I didn't realize how hard it would be without her. A few days before the trek, I was talking to Sarah and I told her that I wasn't sure how that I could go on the trek,because she and I were one of the only reasons why the other was going. I wasn't going to know anybody in my group. She told me that even if i didn't want to go anymore, that I needed to go for two reasons: The first was because it was going to be a very spiritual experience and that she knew I could do it, The second was for her, since she couldn't go I would have to go to have the experience for both of us. After prepping for a while to get ready and make clothes, Thursday July 9th finally rolled along and I woke up at 5am, so that the LaGrange Ward Youth could meet at the local Wal-Mart and car pool for a 2 and a half hours drive into Lexington,KY.

When we got to the beginning site, we all registered and found the people who would fill the spot of our "Family" for the next three days. I found that i knew four of the people in my family , two from which were in my Ward: Sam and Christine.I had 5 brothers(Kevin,Devon,Sam,Ken, and Johnathon) and 4 sisters (Maria,Christine,Torin,and Whitney). Our Ma and Pa were from a different ward, Crestwood 2. We got along fine the first few hours of the trek,then we came to the harder part: we went into the woods on a gravel path. We trekked for a few hours.Once we got through the "easy" part we encountered a few big rocks and hills,but the first hill that we got into,was made of deep,SOFT sand. We of course didn't give up, but instead kept going and tried not to complain,but it was hard.

After a few more hours and about 5 miles, we stopped for dinner. There was a big creek that we were allowed to play in,but most of us only got our feet wet. After dinner we were all so settled and tired,we didnt want to get back up and walk another 5 miles. About 2 miles into the second part of our trek,we were stopped andgathereed to the side of the path. We were told that the men were going to leave for the Mormon Batallion. Which meant that the Women were to pull the carts by ourselves. after the men had left, we were talked to about the hardships and trials that all the women pioneers went through. We were asked not to talk, and just ponder about what the pioneer women must have gone through.

When we came to a down hill which curved at the bottom,then it went back up,there were a few carts in front of my cart,so we all stopped ran down the hill and helped the other families up the hill. What we didnt know was that the men were standing on either side of the hill that we had to go back up. I couldnt stand to look at their faces because there were some crying,there were some that had their hands clasped together and their eyes at the ground,and other tried not to look away who were smiling. I could see the pain in all of their faces. I went back down the hill about 4 times to help other girls get their carts up the hill. When all of the carts were up the young men were allowed to come back to the carts and help us. Not one young man was walking or talking to other young men.They all ran back to their families. It felt luike we were back then in pioneer times,because it made me realize that those men that left their families to fight in the war, didnt walk to their families,they ran. I recived so many hugs from my "brothers" and from other guys that i didnt even know.

The trek wasnt too bad until "Heartbreak Hill". It was very steep and a few miles long. By this time we were all tired and ready to stop but, just when we thought we couldn't do it anymore, we made it to the top. We were all grateful for a break. Although halfway through the hill my knee gave out me. The nurse told me that it was because there was too much fluid in it. i just bit my tongue and kept walking. One of my brothers saw that i was having a reayl hard time and that I was crying because I was hurting. so he wrapped his arm under my arm and helped me walk the rest of the hill,while pushing the cart with the other hand. But no matter what, I was determined to keep pushing the cart up. When we got to the top,we propped that cart up,and we all laid down next to each other. We were even to tired to get water. Even though we were all tired, most of the young men that had already reached the top of the hill,went back down and helped the next cart get up,until all the carts ere on the top.It was about 25 minutes that we were there on the top of that hill waiting for very cart to get up the hill. By this time it was very dark and we were suppsoed to camp where we were,but the land owner said a few days earlier that he didnt want us to. So we kept going another 4 miles. I couldnt not cry because i was so tired. It was the worst pain and weakness that I had ever felt. I remember saying to myself I cant go anymore, it's just too hard. Then after I said that to myself, I realized that we hadnt walked even an eighth of what the pioneers walked.I dont know how they did it.

When we got back into the woods on a very rocky and muddy the cart in front of us, was having trouble because a wheel broke. We all had to stop and wait for someone to come see if it could be fixed. We sat down every chance we got. I sat down with a couple of my brothers and sisters in front of the cart. I was about to fall asleep when one of my brothers let me put my head on my shoulder. A while later we started moving again. The family whose cart broke,had to carry their stuff the rest of the way.

When we reached camp (finally) we all pulled the wagns into a circle, set up camp for bed,and we all went to sleep.But this being a church trek, of course the men were on the outside of the wagon,and the women were on the inside. The men were taking shifts doing "guard watch". Though we werent very sure why, but they said "to keep any animals away".

It was really hard to get up in the morning,especially since my back was sore from sleeping on a tree root the whole night.


Julie said...

Wow! I've never gone on a trek, I always wanted to, but it sounds like it would be a really good experience.

...Elyse.Christine... said...

haha yeah that ws only the first day and the morning of the second ws pretty intense...and i should probably finish this blog :) haha

Kimberly said...

I never got to go on a trek either...somehow we missed out on that. Probably had something to do with living on an island...
Sounds like a good experience.