Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Today we celebrated father's Day because my dad wont be here with us tomorrow...well physically he wont be, but mentally, and spiritually he will be. dad has always been a word that is special.Since we could talk we've called our Father's "dada", then "daddy",then as we are teenagers we say "father","padre", "pops","old man" and more. They all mean the same thing in the dictionary: 'a male who exercises paternal car over other persons'.
But to me there is more meaning than that.

A Dad is someone who stays up late on the computer trying to find a way to ease the symptoms of an asthma attack.

A Dad is someone who teaches you how to cook when you were little.

A Dad is someone who is the only one who eats the brownies that you know are too buttery,but he says they taste good just to make you feel better.

A Dad is someone who knows everything that's going wrong, even if you didn't tell him.

A Dad is someone who stays up with you to finish a science project.

A Dad is someone who helps you through geometry homework even though you're crying and yelling at him because you don't understand it.

A Dad is someone who embarrasses you in front of the cute Brazilian waiters in NYC.

A Dad is someone who makes you go weed the garden "just so you know how to do it and to get more practice".

A Dad is someone who watches TV with you, even if it is Hannah Montana, Jonas, or The Hills.

A Dad is someone who sings to music in the car with you.

A Dad is someone who drives you everywhere because you cant drive yet.

A Dad is more than just a Man who you call 'dad', A Dad is a Superhero.

I Love You daddy <3


Julie said...

Hey I love him too! He's pretty great isn't he?

Kimberly said...

I sure love my daddy too...aren't we lucky girls?

Julie said...

Its a super cute movie. You would love it. Go to" that's where I got my template and they have lots of others.

...Elyse.Christine... said...

i think i might go see it,and thank you for the site suggestion!

Caitlin said...

Pretty sure we have the BEST dad ever.