Monday, December 1, 2008

Its December ALREADY?!

Woah...its december already? Seriously? This Year seemed to have gone by sooo fast. After Thinking About it, This has probably been the worst year for me...I lost a best friend, I got braces ;( , I was seperated from pretty much all of my friends because of High School, and I finally realized what it feels like to faila class! But all in all this year may have been the worst, but it was also the best. I've learned a lot about myself and how much stronger I am than I give myself credit for. I've also found what i want to do with my may seem to early for me to ahve found something that I want to make a career out of,but it's something I've been doing since I was three. I started dancing:tap and ballet. Dance really helps me calm down when im upset... It makes me feel peaceful. My dance teacher is one of the my leaders at church,which is awsome because its not awkward around her.I also started private Voice lessons with another women from my church. Although my closests friends and I were plit because of the infuriating Oldham County School System, I made many more true,close friends in the short few weeks of school.

Hm...So Because It's Christmastime The Chiors are getting ready for our Christmas conert! I'm actually very excited because I got a solo...and i found out TODAY that I have one! But it's juts a small solo. I'm also tryig out fo another Solo in "O Holy Night". But it blows my mind that our concert is in A week and two days! It seems liek our fall concert was just three weeks ago,but in fact it was over two months ago! We arent ready for the concert, on top of the dances being super difficult, we got a new student YESTERDAY! We're happy she's joined but we all cant get over the fact that she couldve easily waited until next semester to would be so much easier. NOone (even Jordan, Audrey, Bethany and I) thought that it would be possible to add another person into our almost finished dances,but she's a very quick learner and ithasnt been too difficult to fit her in! While We Were singing today in chior my friend started singing "My Grown Up Christmas List" whichis my most favorite Christmas Song.Since I Got home I've listened to it about 5 Times...and it never gets old . I Dont exactly know how to post videos on here or I would post it for you to listen to...

Thats pretty much all I can think of to write at this moment... I SHOULD be doing my geometry homework. HAHA! So I'll Be back on Tomorrow!

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Julie said...

I'm glad you have learned so much and Congratulations on your solo!!! That's so great! I wish I could be there to hear you sing.