Friday, November 28, 2008

New Beginnings.

Hmmm...High School is different. It's Not too terrible,But Not FABULOUS. Don't get me wrong, High school brings more opportunities,and Friends...but that means leaving behind old friends. Most Of My Middle School Friends go to a different high school than i do: the "enemy" high school. It's Fun to meet new people, but hard to create new life long friendships. High School can be crazy,but it's been Fun too. It's The almost the end of the Second Quarter of My Freshman Year,and I CAN'T WAIT until sophomore year! Civics Class is the most amazing class because our teacher doesn't talk down to us like most other teachers. He's real and he creates lessons so that it doesn't seem like he's teaching but He Ends up tying our class discussion -which we,as students think aren't related to the lesson at all- into what we are learning. He creates a way to teach and get us to interact with the lessons in ways that WE can understand. For Example we played Monopoly to Learn about the economy.
Choir Is Probably My Second favorite Class because that's where I meant most of my new friends.It may be chaotic and stuff, but it always ends up being fun. We have so many inside jokes. There isn't ANY cliquey-ness that goes on, and we're all happy. My Other two classes are pretty much not my favorite (Geometry, and Computer Apps.). I've started to hate math,which used to be my favorite subject. Don't even get Me Started about Computer Apps. We just learn how to use Microsoft Office, but we've all known how to use a computer since (I'm just guessing here) about 4th grade...maybe even before than.
I'm also in BETA club,Service Club (the two are pretty much the same), and Drama Club. I'm Hoping that next year I can join FEA (Future Educators of America). I'm Really Enjoying Drama Club ,because I Love Acting (which ties into the whole "Girl In The Works" theme,but that's another post). We have a program that is called "Big Sis/Lil Sis and Big Bro/Lil Bro" in the drama club. It Pretty much is that the Seniors and Juniors are a Bro or a Big Sis ,and they hare assigned to a Lil Bro or Lil Sis (me) that is either a Freshman or a Sophomore,and they just help their Lil Bro/Sis with auditions,techniques,and remind them about upcoming events and meetings. It's pretty fun because my Big Sis, is one of my older sister's friends.

So that's pretty much my whole High School Life Right Now...but my church Life is another LOOOONG post (I'll Post More tomorrow).


Julie said...

sounds like you are having a good, and pretty typical, high school experience. I'm glad you have a blog now too! Now we have more ways to keep in touch!!!

Kimberly said...

Look who I found in the blogosphere...YOU! :) Hehehe! Sounds like high school hasn't changed that much since I was in it! And I went to high school across the ocean!! I'm glad you are enjoying choir. Don't get too down on math...its really not that bad. I should know...:)
Anyway, have fun!

Hollister lover ^ ^ said...

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